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About Us - A Creative Pair of Chaps

We’re based at The Picture House - our studio in Bournemouth, Dorset.

This studio setup is perfect for our clients; we have a great studio, in a truly unique building, in which we have access to some of the best professional facilities on the South Coast. 

Our hands-on photographic experience is built on degree level qualification, from one of the best art institutions in the UK - we’re very happy in the studio or out on location shoots.

Our photographs speak for our clients, communicating their products and services for the advertising sector. To ensure this happens we critique our work as a team on every project, right through from set-up to post-pro.  

We work together, bouncing ideas off each other to get the best results for our clients.

We often go ‘the extra mile’ to get the shot… that's what it's all about.



Will Paltridge

“It's been an absolute pleasure to work alongside Will: an intelligent, articulate, motivated individual."
Will Paltridge: LinkedIn

Favourite Camera:
My old Hassleblad 500c with built in meter... oh yeah!

In four words:
Volleyball. Travel. Mechanics. Blue Cheese.

Mark Scadding

"Mark is a skilled photographer who knows his tools and how to get the best out of any product."
Mark Scadding: LinkedIn

Favourite Camera:
Still love the Nikon D700 and have a soft spot for my old Pentax K1000.

In four words:
Guitars, Music, Cooking, Ginger!


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