The Ariel Nomad – Car Studio Photography
Jan 06, 2015

You may remember that we shot the Somerset outfit’s new motorcycle the Ariel ‘Ace’ back in June? You can see those images here – The Ariel Ace Blog – well this time we got to shoot their new off-road beast, The Nomad!

Just a few days before Christmas 2014 we had the main studio here at The Picture House prepped and ready to shoot a new top-secret car. We knew it was based on the Ariel Atom but did not fully anticipate what the guys from Ariel had in store for us! So we had the shutters at the back of the studio up and the most awesome looking orange and black buggy rolled through the blinds! It has some seriously chunky off-road tyres that lift the atom-like frame up higher than its predecessor. The frame itself is reassuringly chunky and this first example is in a rather eye catching orange, as is the bonnet, and an option of the hubcaps. There will be lots of different choices for the car so you can have your ideal Nomad. You’ll see in the images below that we kept the camera stationary for the high ¾ angle shots, and the car was altered so we could composite different parts on and off.

We had a shot list complied before the project started and planned the order of the shoot to get the most out of the day and the studio. We shot the high and low ¾ angles of the back and front, plus straight on of the front, back and sides to show off all of the car’s dimensions and designs to the fullest. We also had a second camera and computer set up to shoot details of the various components of Nomad, some of which were important to the build of the car, and some that just looked damn good!

Our approach to lighting was to create a nice clean environment to work in by bouncing light around the cove and adding in harder lights low down on the darker sections of the Nomad. This helped to lift those areas and create interest. It was also really important to let the light remain consistent throughout the shoot. During long projects the lights will get adjusted, either up or down in power, or moved little bits here or there, so throughout the shoot we consistently referred to earlier shots that we were happy with as a team (that includes the client) – this kept us on track visually and ensures consistent images.

In terms of camera kit we used our Nikon DSLRs – the 36mp full frame D810 for the main shots and D800e for the details. For the main shots we used the Nikkor 45mm tilt/shift lens, and for the details we opted for our 105mm prime. Everything was shot tethered to a computer using Capture One software so we could see the shots as they imported from the camera, this helped us to make critical creative decisions as we worked.

After the shoot we put all of the images together using Capture One and Adobe Photoshop, carefully choosing and brushing together the different parts of the car to make it really stand out and look just as impressive as we thought it was when we saw it roll into our studio!

Check out all of the Nomad’s spec on the new Ariel website!