Audi R8 Studio Photography

Sep 26, 2017

This post has been a long time coming as we shot the Audi R8 last August, we’ve just been so busy since then that we haven’t really had a chance to do this project justice in blog form.

The shoot itself was done for Digital Photographer Magazine where we made a wrote a tutorial on interior car/automotive photography at an advanced level. We gave the reader an insight into what’s required to make images that excite and inspire.

Our tutorial talked through camera angle and positioning, the lighting used and the editing required. With the relationship between CGI and Photography in advertising, we decided that our photograph of the car would be dropped into an interesting background to fit with what is seen normally in the industry.

Some of the equipment used in this shoot was pretty specialist, with things like an infinity cove with floating ceiling, a 28mm tilt shift lens and a Fresnel light, not something that every photographer has access to.

Choosing the camera angle was important as we really needed to be able to demonstrate the architecture and key materials used within the design. We made sure we chose an angle that gave a great view of all the features and made the viewer want to sit inside.

By using handheld lights we were able to light small areas of the interior. Holding the light at different angles meant we were able to enhance different details until we were completely happy. We needed to make sure we lit all the important features so we worked through the car methodically so nothing was missed.

Post production was a time consuming area of this project as we needed to brush multiple photos together to achieve the final outcome. We had to steadily build up the image by using a variety of tools in Photoshop such as layer masks, different hardness brushes and gradients.

Every image we ever shoot will require some kind of retouching, but it is important to find the right balance of “cleaning up” the image and going too far that it looks unreal. Despite meticulous cleaning during the shooting stage, there was still a fair amount of dust, scratches and dirt that needed to be removed. Then we needed to look for anything that might distract the eye, fabric with thread hanging off, and any stray light.

Dropping in the background was the final task, we decided to find a photo on a stock library where we could buy the rights to the image. Blending the lighting took some time, but choosing an image in the beginning that is similar will help this composition look seamless. It was also important that we checked the perspective as we photographed the car at a much higher angle than that of the background photo.

Here are the before and after images from this interior shot.

Whilst we only used our interior shot in the magazine, we also completed a couple of exterior shots that we were really pleased with, and also got the local company KUBE Production to film some behind the scenes clips for us to use on our website.

Here are some of the other images we produced.

This was such an exciting shoot for us and we can’t wait to do some more car photography soon!

If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to email or call us on 01202 280157.