Autumn Product Photography
Sep 26, 2017

We’ve been really enjoying working for Neal’s Yard Remedies recently because of the amount of creativity that goes into each and every shot.

The recent work has been for the Autumn catalog and was all shot in the studio. Each image is highly styled and takes a lot of preparation to achieve the shot that we want. There is a real mixture of darker, moodier shots and really bright and cheerful ones depending on the products being pictured. A lot of the work produced for Neal’s Yard Remedies is styled in a top down fashion, meaning all the products and props tend to be laid down flat on a surface with the camera positioned directly above.

Here are some examples of our top down work for NYR.


Some of the images have required more of a set build and the use of a model to add an extra dimension to the photography. It is really important to be able to create an environment in our photography, even if we only have a small area to capture.



This is work that we all really enjoy because there are so many variables within the image that allow for creativity. We are always really pleased with the work we produce for Neal’s Yard Remedies and we hope you enjoy it too!

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