Beautiful Interior Photography – Double Exposure Bournemouth
Nov 19, 2013

A set of stunning interiors for a stylish London new build – Double Exposure Photographic, Bournemouth UK

During October we enjoyed a series of commissions from Salad Creative to photograph a newly built house in Kingston, London. Over three days, we made a beautiful set of interior photographs that will help to sell the house, and provide a valuable document of the property for the various contractors who were involved in its construction.

Our first involvement was to document the many doors, skirting boards and architraves – this was a closer, more detailed approach and the brief was to capture the woodwork installed throughout the building. Getting the tone and perspective spot on helps to make what could be an uninteresting subject shine.

Below is one of our favorites – it’s a low shot from over the coffee table in the cinema room, looking out through to the floor to ceiling windows. It was early morning, and the warm directional sunlight really makes this image for us. This image was taken as part of a larger day shoot to capture the essence of the rooms, giving perspective buyers a real feel for the property before they view.

There’s nothing quite like a good quality 50mm Zeiss lens, and it’s always a temptation to put it on the camera. In this case, the photograph of the blue chair below was taken with our 50mm 1.4 and we just love the image. It was perhaps a little off brief, as the photograph communicates style, furnishings and function over interior space – but hey, the depth of field and colour is just magic.

It’s important to find the right tonal balance in an interior photograph, and this view of the kitchen is a perfect example. We’ve made every effort to retain the lovely light spilling in through the windows without loosing too much detail and information from the inside.

We like the directional shadows, which help to add contrast. The reflections in the surfaces and the clarity throughout also help to keep this image looking clean, modern and sharp.

Here are a few more from the shoot, why not share our blog – or get in touch if we can help.