Big, Bright & Colourful – Product Photography for Hobbycraft
Jun 13, 2013

Over the last six months, we’ve enjoyed producing some really beautiful photographs for Hobbycraft.

The main focus was to represent the products as they are, with bright, clear colours and to fill the frame – all of which helps the end users really see what they are buying.

Take a look below for a few examples of the work we’ve produced. We’re really happy with the balance between the light background and the colour and clarity of the products.

Getting the depth of field right is really important, that’s why we use an 85mm tilt shift lens in the studio. This allows us to get some elevation to show the products form, while compensating for the drop-off by using tilt to keep the products sharp right through – the paint pots (see below) are a good example of this.

We like to fill the frame with this work, and because the images are cropped to a square for web, we take our time arranging the products so they fit really well. Have a look at the ‘paint your own birdhouse’ (below) to see how we’ve arranged the items so that when shot from an elevated angle they balance nicely in the frame.

Some products are photographed top down, like the Easter bunting photograph. This technique allows us to get in really close and works very well on 2D objects, paper, card etc. The depth of field is also kinder when working like this, allowing us to get the maximum resolution from our Nikon D800e.

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