Blankie World Product Photography
Apr 06, 2012

Product photo update – Blankie Bears / Adido

These bears turn inside out, have floppy ears and can be ordered with embroidered colours on the blankets… this was a first for us. Most of the work we receive is tough stuff, including high-end electronics and furniture so I guess we had to soften up a little to think about the best way to capture these interesting and unique children’s toys!

The aim of the project was to achieve a library of images for Axent Embroidery for their new (Blankie Bears) web build, by Adido – a fantastic local digital design agency.

The photographs were to adorn the new website, illustrating the range of soft toys available for sale, and to show off front, back, and with the blanket folded out. We also captured the product packaging, and produced a couple of online videos to show their customers how easy it is for a child to open and tuck-away the integrated blanket.

A voice over was produced to go with the video, and some of the examples of this projects photography and video can be found below.

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