Cosmetics and Skincare Product Photography

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We thought it might be nice to share some examples of our creative product photography that we complete for cosmetics packaging companies. This photography is usually well planned, and centred around a creative theme.

Typically, we start by thinking about the materials, concepts, arrangements and colours of a theme, and how those elements will compliment and support the clients product. The backgrounds can be kept clean and minimal, or busy and complex. The colours could be bold and patterned, or subtle and pastel toned. The props could be organic and loosely placed, or made of plastic shapes and intricately positioned; essentially we try hard to deliver an image that just looks great and accentuates the key selling points of the product.

Having a well equipped studio helps too!

We have a large selection of high quality Profoto lighting, and modifiers, that help us to create different lighting effects. With cosmetic packaging often being glossy, small, and brightly coloured, the trick is fully understanding the material properties of the item. The lighting we use on our photo shoot needs to make it clear to the viewer that the object is in fact glossy, or matte, etc.

Using, or choosing, colour is also key to great shots; we do try and take the time to find the right coloured backgrounds. Sometimes we paint large boards, or we may use card, or plastic. If we can’t get the colour perfect from an off the shelf product, we often further adjust the hue in Photoshop!

Please take a look through the images below and we hope there’s something that inspires you!

Stardust Products

Cosmetic and skin care product photography on pink

Lipstick Laid Out To Make Lips

Lipstick inserts in the shape of lips

HCP ECO LAB Products

A collection of cosmetic products photographed on a soft green background

Lip Gloss Photo

Colourful lip gloss arranged creatively in a line on a soft pink background

Azure Products

Shiny blue and gold products photographed on a blue background

Magnum Products

A tower styled skyline image of cosmetic products photographed in our studio

Makeup Brushes

Pastel toned mascara products photographed on a soft green background

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