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Last February, we were selected by an international American company called Ridge Wallets, which specialises in premium hardback wallets and various other gadgets. They commissioned us to photograph an exciting campaign celebrating the nine-year anniversary of the company. Pretty cool right?! It was a real honour to be scouted by this well-established brand, and be involved in producing a significant campaign.

The client’s brief was extremely specific and covered a large number of products, a variety of concepts, lighting setups, props, backgrounds and angles for different contexts. With such a high quantity to create, we had to ensure each part of the brief was covered with enough variation and visual interest. Therefore, pre-production was vital for this project.

Turning a Vision into Reality

With lots of creative thoughts in mind, we narrowed down our ideas in order to be efficient and fulfil the client’s vision. The main focus of the brief was to celebrate the history of the brand and capture the quality of these unique wallets. The main product is predominately the wallets. Each wallet is manufactured from different materials such as; military-grade aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre, forged carbon and even 18-carat gold. All are designed to last a lifetime. Although these wallets are impressive on their own, we felt that props would help demonstrate the utility of the product and add interest to the shots. To achieve this, we ordered some dollars and printed some prop credit cards, which we used to style the wallets. This helped connect the consumer with the product, which was extremely important for the entire campaign. We also painted many wooden plinths and used a local printing company to cut out large geometric shapes, which we used to add emphasis on the structural design of the products.

Below is a selection of the final images from the shoot. We absolutely love these shots, and really feel they capture Ridges’ minimalistic approach to design through the use of negative space. The images’ dark tones complement the product’s colour palette and really help focus attention towards the logo. Intricate styling using plinth blocks helped to accurately position the products and further add depth and dimension to the shots. To create such dynamic imagery, we made each individual image from multiple collateral shots, which are pockets of light used to accentuate the shape and appearance of the products. Lighting was a massive part of this shoot, as most of the collection is made from darker colours requiring more attention. We ensured that key parts of the images (particularly the Ridge Logo) were sufficiently lit and the main focal point of each shot. In post-production, we used some interesting shutter stock images to produce some really creative and engaging variations to the series.

The Ridge Wallets

A header image of three best-selling wallets, arranged geometrically to add visual interest.

The Ridge Keys

Two key cases captured on a creative dynamic background using triangular cardboard shapes.

The Ridge Wallet With Cash Strap

Forged Ember wallet - styled with a dollar note, beautifully comped onto a striking dark background with warm accents of light.

The Ridge Pen & Knife

An image of Ridge's accessories, creatively lit onto a soft grey mottled background.

The Ridge Wallets With Cards

A series of wallets that appear as floating, styled with cards to demonstrate utility.

The Ridge Product Range

A collection of the Ridge wallets. Balanced against each other in vertical and horizontal formats, and propped up using grey matt plinth blocks.

Ridge vs. (RED)

These are some creative images from a different campaign for Ridge, in collaboration with the charity (RED). Every (Product)RED wallet sold will go to the fund.

This series of shots are really striking and graphic, particularly through the use of a three-way colour palette; red, white and grey, colours that are both contrasting and complimentary to each other. Using white really helped to bring out the red tones and illustrate the RED campaign. This was a really exciting shoot to be part of and being recognised by such an interesting global company was definitely the highlight of our work last year.

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