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Beyond the Box

Rock Box Toys (based in the UK) approached us with their brand-new packaging product for the popular collectable Funk POP! Figures. Their brand Pop Junkie was exciting, and the packaging was clearly a well-thought-out product – the challenge was to make the clear packaging look awesome!

The client felt our dynamic style and extensive knowledge of product photography closely matched the product and brand. The vision was to create sophisticated imagery, which shows the product’s premium quality and hard-wearing structural design. We always enjoy the challenge of working with unique independent companies, like Rock Box Toys, as it allows us to experiment with new ideas and solutions to aid a company’s growth.

Creativity is Key

The client provided us with visual inspiration and a selection of their best collectables to work with. Photographing a clear box might sound fairly simple, but it proved to be fairly challenging! We had to explore ways we could make what is essentially a 3D plastic box, look beautifully clear and extra special. We achieved this by experimenting with black and white coloured backdrops, to see which would best enhance the product. We captured a dynamic feel to the shots by elevating the products from the ground and using extensive knowledge of diffusion, contrast and lighting. We also decided to alternate between light and dark backgrounds, as we felt this added variation and visual interest to the campaign.

Bringing the Junkie to Life

Post-production was an integral part of this project. We used dark gradients to shade areas of the boxes such as the edges and corners, helping to create the illusion of depth to make the object appear more three-dimensional. This element added cohesion to the series of images and gave them that extra WOW factor!

Below is a selection of the finished delivered images. The first image was shot from a low perspective, to focus the attention towards the product and convey power. We shot the box with the lid open, helping to depict the overall shape and function. The tilted position of the box makes the image feel a little more stylised and dramatic. The second is a detailed shot, which clearly captures the premium manufacturing, logo and USP; an important aspect of what we do as commercial photographers – our aim is to advertise the brand. The final top-down shot adds a different perspective to the campaign, by giving a sense of scale and helping to associate the toys with the Pop Junkie packaging.

Pop Junkie Box

A pack shot for commercial use. Captured with the lid open to demonstrate how the Pop Junkie functions.

Pop Junkie Box Lid

A detailed shot with a shallow depth of field to focus on the branding.

Pop Junky Packaging

A hero shot to visually communicate how the Pop Junkie works.

We hope this illustrates how creativity forms part of our everyday work. Something that might seem simple to photography requires an effective technique to bring a product to life!

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