Cinemagraphs and Stop Animation
Sep 26, 2017

Recently, we have really noticed an increase in the number of clients wanting Cinemagraphs and Stop Motion Animations to be made as well as photographs. With so much content now being posted in social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, people are looking for ways to make their imagery stand out more, and it seems that simple moving images are what people are choosing to do.

For those not in the know…

A cinemagraph is a still photograph where a minor repeated movement occurs which forms a video clip. They are usually published as an animated GIF and give the viewer the illusion of watching an animation. This is usually done with a base photograph as the main content, and then either multiple photos taken in sequence with a small area moving, or taking a video. These are then looped to create the impression of continued motion.

A Stop Motion Animation is a technique that allows an object to appear as if it is moving on its own. An object is moved in small increments between individual photographs , creating the illusion of movement when the frames are played at a fast pace.

Each animation we created was done in Photoshop using the Timeline window where frames could be added separately, the timing of each frame could be changed individually, and we could also mask out certain areas of each image (this means that we could basically make certain areas of each frame disappear depending on what we wanted to see and what we didn’t.

Some of the clients we have been creating these clips for have been Neal’s Yard Remedies, SkinCeuticals and Lypsyl.

This is an example of a Cinemagraph we created for Neal’s Yard earlier this year. We decided to take photos of the movement rather than a video, which is why the movement is quite jerky, however you can see that it is only the flowers that move and everything else remains still.

Here is an example of a Stop Motion Animation that was also completed for Neal’s Yard. This was created by using a series of images where the Frankincense and compass were moved without anything else moving which creates interest in different areas of the frame.


Finally, here is an example for SkinCeuticals which they wanted for their Instagram account. They wanted to demonstrate the important products that were essential for a weekend away, so we decided to create a short animation of products being packed into a makeup bag. This proved very successful, and was really fun to make.