Cobham Aviation – Staff portraits and company brand photography
Dec 17, 2014

This was a really enjoyable commission for a great company, and we had a good time making images on location!

The work produced was a variety of people shots, airplane photographs and details that will help to give Cobham Aviation an updated image library for their marketing and corporate activities here in Bournemouth.

Some of our favourite moments involved shooting the engineers who worked on the planes, and asking them to explain a little about their job roles with Cobham. This helped us to understand what they were doing and therefore produce photography that has a connection with the individual.

The work on the runway was logistically challenging due to obvious health and safety reasons, but it was very exciting. The noise, sights and smells when the planes landed and passed into the hangars all contributed to our artistic vision, allowing us to fully understand the companies operations in the UK.

For us it’s all about understanding the importance of our photography to our clients, and by doing this our work has the greatest chance of meeting or exceeding expectations.


Some shots of us during the work!

After an interesting and successful shooting day!