Coffee jar – product photography – explanation and photoshop work
Dec 01, 2014

A short blog about a recent coffee jar shoot and how we made the image in photoshop!

Two weeks ago we were asked to photograph a coffee jar for a company called Drawn In, based here in Bournemouth. The pictures below – which were attached to the brief – gave us a first impression of their product and as well an idea of what they expected us to do.

During the shoot we took time to carefully light the different surfaces and to show the different materials. We created a variety of exposures for the jars shape, the label, and the logo.

Below we’ll show you the different shots we’ve taken to create the final image – and we’ve done a lot of it!

First we set up for the main shot – we used a high-angled softbox to get a nice, crunchy exposure for the coffee inside the jar.

In the next shot we’ve tried to show the jars shape. Therefore we used one softbox on each side to create some highlights and also some nice reflections in the cap.

For the label it was very important to show the subtle design on the front and the colors as well.

Last we created two different variations for different hightlights on the sides and the bottom.

Obviously we had to do a lot of postproduction work to put the different exposures together to create one final image, but we think this creative and methodical workflow yeilds the best results.

We quite like the finished shot – check it out below!

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