Commissioned Instagram Content

Oct 12, 2017

Recently we’ve been doing a lot of work for SkinCeuticals and their Instagram page. The work has been a real mixture of GIF’s and still images and it’s really great to start seeing our work populating their Instagram page.

The client’s brief required us to stick to a particular colour scheme and for all the imagery to have quite a scientific feel to it. We had to apply this to each area that we shot for, so ingredients, texture and product imagery. Apart from these requirements, all imagery we produced was open to our creativity. We were able to make a wide variety of photos by using different camera angles and props. This would allow for a great assortment of content on the SkinCeutical Instagram page.

As mentioned in a previous post, GIF’s are becoming more and more popular and clients are coming to us asking for these in particular. SkinCeuticals are one of our clients who have a great need for GIF’s for their Instagram. For the last brief we created at least 15 different GIF’s that all contained an image we had shot and multiple frames of text.

It was important that each video created was consistent with the previous one to allow for the brand identity to be obvious to all consumers. We made sure we used the same colour scheme and that the typeface and size was consistent throughout all content. It was important that we kept the timings similar across all GIF’s too, with text staying on the screen for the same amount of time or imagery moving at the same speed. Being consistent allowed everything to remain professional.


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