Cosmetic Product Photography

Apr 12, 2016

We really enjoy making products look great, it’s what we do! So the brief for Provokes ‘Liquid Blonde’ range of products was right up our alley. There were two parts to this project; high quality pack shots delivered in a range of formats, and hero images where we were given free range to get a bit creative.

Having previously shot the ‘Touch of Silver’ range for Provoke, we knew how we needed to approach the photography with a really controlled set up in the studio. With the hero images we sat down with the bottles once they arrived and threw ideas around until we were happy with a concept. Then, once the basic pieces of the puzzle (background colour, lens choice, perspective) were in place, we built up the lighting and had a graphic overlay designed for the background to complete the finished look!

We’re really happy with the results and hope the attention to detail (and photographic quality) shine through!