The right cosmetics and skincare photographer can turn great into exceptional. For over 15 years we have specialised in cosmetic, skincare and beauty brand photography, and our attention to detail for both packshot and still life campaign level imagery excites us every time!


Work with our studio for an experienced team, limitless create potential, and product photography you’ll be proud of.

Cosmetic, skincare and beauty product photography is one of our specialisms at Double Exposure. We’ve shot countless projects for some of the worlds leading brands for over 15 years, and still find each new brief exciting and enjoyable!

Creating beautiful images of cosmetics, packaging and product textures is all about applying the right techniques, and strong working relationships with our clients. We want the colours, shapes and unique selling points to be clear, and attractive.

This allows our photography to speak to the consumer, helping them to understand and engage with the brand.

We have years of experience working in the studio, and can achieve even the most ambitious cosmetic product and texture briefs. We love combining with set stylists, and choosing just the right props. We can keep it simple, or take the time to intricately plan the shoot in pre production, too!

We shoot with flash, or continuous lighting; either in our well-equipped studio, or on location. To us, it’s the image that matters most, and we’ll always work hard to ensure your vision is created on the day. We can make custom backgrounds, build plinths and sets, and enhance the shoot with props, plants and materials. 

The use of moving image video to create skincare and texture swatches that come to life can really help to connect with an audience. We have the latest lighting and camera systems to deliver online social motion content that really excites!

Creating styled scenes that are both creative and playful is an art, and we often compliment our knowledge with a trusted eye from some of the UK’s top still life stylists.

We have experience with models too – if you’d like advice on cosmetic, skincare or beauty photography in the studio we can help by recommending model agencies, stylists and art directors. Also, our full membership of the Association of Photographers demonstrates the accreditation that backs up our offering.

If you choose to work with a cosmetics & skincare photographer, you’ll find our studio fully equipped, with space that’s big and flexible enough to meet any brief – and our skilled team will look for creative ways to turn your concept into content you’ll be proud of.