Creative Cosmetic Product Photography

Sep 26, 2017

We do a lot of cosmetic product photography on almost a weekly basis, but it’s always fun when we can get a bit more creative with it. Recently, HCP have been requesting product shots with a bit more flair rather than the standard on white imagery, in other words pack shots. They want to hero their products and make them stand out in their magazines.

Going down a very graphic route has been something that our client has really enjoyed. We’ve been using coloured paper and other surfaces to create dynamic backgrounds for the products and adding a bit more interest. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way forward because it can actually be quite engaging for the viewer.

It was really important for us to take into consideration the lines of the background when styling the products as we wanted them to compliment one another, rather than over complicating the overall design.

Choosing the colours was also a crucial decision. The client wanted one colour in particular, the green/blue, but in order for us to create the dynamic lines we needed to add another colour to the mix which allowed for a strong line to be created throughout the frame.

Changing the camera angle worked well because it allowed the products to be viewed in different ways. In the two images below the products look completely different depending on what angle they are shot from, one becomes more about the graphic shapes of the products while the other considers how the products interact with one another within their shadows and reflections.

We really like this series of images because although they do look fairly simple in design, they are really eye catching and fit together really well.

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