Dorset – Kitchens, Hotels, & Commercial Spaces Benches, Lakes, and a couple of Burnt Tables
Jun 21, 2012

A recent series of commissions for Dorset based furniture maker Simon Pirie has produced all sorts of blog-worthy imagery.

Some photographs are the finished shots, others are works in progress and some are just cheeky screen grabs of our work creeping across the world wide web!

Studio Shot of a Finished Brochure

This photograph was a quick snap taken in our studio in Bournemouth. Simon was over in our office to go through the RAW files from a recent shoot and had with him a new booklet, and to our great satisfaction we noticed that he had chosen one of studio photographs to adorn the front cover!

Simon obviously likes the shot, but what we think is really great is the simple combination of our photograph with his logo and a small quote. It puts the image to good use with considered graphic design, and putting our images to good use is what it’s all about.

A Commission for a Public Space

Getting a piece of street furniture right in a public space isn’t a task we’d like to take on, but we admire Simon’s ability to find a way to energise and fill a large open shopping area. Just outside Waitrose in Dorchester was the setting for this long and twisting bench. One of the creative ideas we thought would work well was to use a bit of movement to show off the bench, a short delay on the shutter with a the camera mounted high on the tripod.

For us, this is the successful representation of the street furniture, a photograph that not only shows it’s form but also it’s function.

Have a look at the two videos below made for Simon, as a record of how the bench was made and finally installed – really interesting!

Our Images on the World Wide Web

It’s nice when you stumble over some of your work, so when we do we often choose to take a quick screen grab. For us it’s always been about the whole process of photography, we enjoy learning about where our photographs end up and how they look online. Sometimes our images go viral, for example when a client launches a product we’ve done the photography for – we find our pictures on websites we’ve never seen before.

It’s another reminder of just how large the web is, and the potential for great images to be adopted by many websites. These high end furniture websites contain many of our photographs for Simon.

Benches by the Lakes – Sculpture by the Lakes

A beautiful and unique setting for a photography location shoot in Dorset – the Sculpture by the Lakes grounds proved a good choice to generate some ‘in location’ style images to present some of Simon’s latest work.

They took a bit of moving but when in position they proved great subjects to work with. The smooth and newly formed lines of the benches complimented the well kept (but very rural) setting of the sculpture park.

Below is a very short clip of Mark Scadding and Simon Pirie lifting one of the benches into place

Scorched Side Tables

It’s sometimes difficult to get the tone and colour right with photography. We don’t mean basics, we mean subjective interpretation of what looks good – Simon loves the opportunity to work with us on getting the tonality just the way it should be to best represent his work. A comment on his blog reads:

“Had some more sexy images though from Double Exposure Photography of that final set of scorched oak Torii tables… “

Well, we can’t argue with that! Take a look at the difference between the RAW Nikon NEF file on the left, and the enhanced photograph on the right in Adobe Lightroom below. It’s very important that photographers have a good understanding of the RAW file handling processes from Camera to Photoshop, so as to ensure the colourtone and levels of a photograph can be correctly brought out.

If you have an interest in getting your furniture and crafts photographed then why not get in touch, you can call us on 01202 280157 or email us at: