Elliot Brown Watches – Part 2
Sep 05, 2014

You may remember our blog a few months back about Watchmakers extraordinaire Elliot Brown? Well if not you can find it here – http://www.dephotographic.com/blog/elliot-brown-watches-part-1/

After that initial project was done and dusted the guys from EB were in need of some shots of their display stand and the holders and other accessories that comes with it to show potential stockist’s. They also needed a few watches shot in their presentation boxes, which come with instruction manual and a little screwdriver in case you need to adjust your strap – a nice little extra we thought.

The first shot is of the display stand with all of the 17 available Canford and Bloxworth watches on. This was a particularly difficult shot, 17 individual watch faces is really just 17 reflective pieces of glass to a photographer, not to mention all of the reflection metal on the faces and straps! But we got the shot and gave it some of the tone and mood that the brand inspires! After that we shot the stand without the watches and individual examples of Bloxworth and Canford watches in their presentation boxes.