FESPA – Creative Powder Explosion Photography
Aug 29, 2019

Creative Powder Explosion Photography

Around this time last year we worked with Poole based Agency Fathom to create the lead creative photography for an exhibition by print industry federation FESPA. FESPA were having their annual print expo in Munich in May 2019, and wanted eye catching visuals to promote the show. The visuals also had to make it engaging for the attendees.

Alongside this they wanted a video element for digital displays that looked the the same as the stills, so we got Kube Productions involved as we’ve worked with them many time before.

The chosen concept was a colourful explosion of powder on a dark blue background. We researched the best way to go about it and planned time for set up, photography and video. We experimented with different powders and glitter, ultimately the final shots mainly use printer toner in the FESPA brand colours.

Set up for a creative advertising photoshoot like this takes time. Set up included making a structure from Matthew’s c-stands and taping up plastic sheeting to contain the powder. We hired a Phase One media format camera to ensure the shots were high res enough for the large signage at the show. The powder was placed on a small metal disc and hit with a ruler, this not only spreads the powder but also triggered the camera via a sound sensor. We used a Triggersmart system that you can get via Robert White Photographic.

Our plan was to create the final shot using different parts of shots that we liked. So we did shots with individual colours (orange, blue and pink) and then tried mixing colours to create natural blending.

Below you can see the finished delivered images, some of the unedited photographs that are still on the native black background, a behind the scenes video, the final video for the expo screens, draft laid up promos and some from snaps that Fathom took at the show.



Here are the finished comps. The first is the main shot that went on the posters, the second is a background variant that we liked. The two below that are variants.



This was the main poster for the expo. Below that are four draft posters that used close ups of powder explosion.


Here we have some phone snaps from the show provided by Fathom.


They even had some shoes made with the shot printed on! We’re pretty sure that’s a first for us!


Here are a number of the shots from the day that are essentially raw. There were a lot of variables to consider like amount of powder, timing on the camera etc.  you can see this in the shot by how much the powder spreads in frame. We really fine tuned these things to make the shoot a success.


Promo video fro FESPA 2019


The behind the scenes video!