Focal Point Fires – Product Photography for National Retail
Oct 05, 2012

Christchurch based Focal Point Fires manufacture, assemble and sell quality fires. A great mixture of inset and wall hung gas & electric engines, that look really good.

They gave us a call midweek and needed a quick turnaround, so that’s what we did.

The main challenge with this type of product is reflections in the chrome and aluminium (shiny) surfaces – national retailers such as B&Q don’t want supplier images that have the photographer grinning in the highlights! I know we’re handsome chaps here at Double Exposure, but we also have high standards, and know we need to produce images that Focal Point Fires are proud to submit.

One key method in the studio is to shoot through a large clean surface, such as cloth or paper, preferably white. This can reflect a very large highlight and offer cleaner reflections, reducing the chance of getting studio equipment in the products shiny surfaces.

There are other techniques too; shaping and altering the lighting, understanding hard and soft flash lighting, and some good post production skills that all come together to produce imagery fit for national retail.

We take pride in getting product photography right, we enjoy the satisfaction gained from seeing our work on national e-commerce websites, but most of all we love to keep local manufactures happy, generating images they trust.

Images that sell their products.

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