Furniture Photography for Simon Thomas Pirie – Summer 2013
Aug 15, 2013

Simon booked a day with us recently to photography a new set of pivot draw console tables he’d just finished, and, as always, they looked stunning.

We’re not just saying that because he’s a nice guy, oh no, his furniture is absolutely superb. It looks great, feels great and gives off a genuine sense of quality and craftsmanship you just don’t see too often.

However, this presents us with quite a challenge, as great furniture demands great photography! Now, we’re up for a challenge here at Double Exposure and there’s nothing like a Simon Pirie shoot to get us going…

Out comes the colorama, the studio is cleared, and off we go!

With Simon we’re looking for interesting pockets of light that pick out aspects of the furniture, angles that work off one another, complimenting secondary items in the background, and ultimately a ‘hero’ shot that speaks volumes about the quality and style of the piece without falling into the realms of pack-shot.

It’s about capturing something special…