Handmade Furniture – Photo Shoot Innovation
Jan 03, 2013

Photographic studios (and everything that goes with them) exist for a reason, the photographer has complete creative control. However sometimes our clients cannot bring their products to our studio – often due to size or fragility –  so we pack our studio up, load it into the back of the car and drive to the client. We then use their space to create a studio to put their products in and shoot.

Sometimes though even this isn’t possible…

On a recent photoshoot for B&R Marine we had a bit of a challenge on our hands, in the form of a 3.5m long sofa! Having the finishing touches made, it was just 20 minutes away from being shipped off to be installed on a Sunseeker yacht. This piece is of course one-of-a-kind, and we had to get the shot. So with no space in our make-shift studio in the next room, it had to be raised up and shot with the ambient light in their rather packed workshop.

All of the furniture shot on the day had to be cut out anyway (and dropped onto a gradiated background to be inserted into some brand spanking new brochures), so although the background is busy and more challenging than it could have been, our experience with photoshop means we could do the job.

After cutting it out, we straightened the sofa up using guides to make sure all the angles were correct, and removed some unsightly reflections, See the screen grabs below.

This is the original image – completely RAW!

This is a screen grab of our original selection in photoshop

After removing the background we always square everything up.

And here is the final shot for the brochure, completed by this gradated background that helps the sofa ‘POP’.

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