HCP Cosmetic Packaging
Nov 26, 2013

A set of cosmetic product photographs for HCP Packaging UK

Recently we’ve enjoyed producing some really good-looking images for HCP Packaging, a cosmetics packaging company. The work is all taken in the studio, with very careful control over lighting, highlights and reflections.

It’s important that these products look good, with clean lines and accurate perspective as they represent the brand as well as the object itself.

Being small hand held objects they can be tricky things to shoot and any dust or fingerprints that are on them WILL show up! This molds our workflow as all the products need to be clean before being shot. We have things in place for this; an air compressor, handheld air blower, white gloves to name a few things.

When shooting in studio we tether to an iMac with gives us a lot of control. We can make creative decision very quickly, and working in a team we can adjust lights, reflectors and flags efficiently allowing us to stay focused on the shoot at hand.

Take a look through the images below to see a variety of the finished photographs taken in our studio in Bournemouth – there are small reflective items right through to matt finished boxes.