Hedler Continuous Lighting
Dec 14, 2011

We have recently had the pleasure of using some Hedler continuous lighting, specifically a couple of the DX 15 heads.

I won’t go into the spec too heavily, all of that can be found on the hedler website here. The DX 15 heads produce daylight temperature lighting(6000k) and was designed for video usage, however we have found it to be great for stills – there are also examples of stills on their website.

The kits come with barn doors which are perfect for controlling them as a ‘flood’ light. We have used them like this when shooting interiors to add light to a room and make it generally lighter, and we’ve had them positioned outside firing through windows – as they are daylight balanced they mimic the natural light perfectly.

In the studio the square softbox is great, as you’d expect you get a very even delivery of light with very soft shadows, this can create a large area to work in and is great for delicate images shooting wide open.

These heads feel incredibly robust, but because they are relativly small they are also lightweight. They couldn’t be easier to use – Plug it in, flick a switch and wait for them to reach optimum temperature. The important thing is what you do with it then!

We would encourage anyone to seek a few of these heads out to see what they can do. Here’s a little video from Robert White in Poole if you’re not already convinced!

You can get Hedler lighting from Flaghead Photographic, who are also extremly knowledgable and will be able to advise you further on this great lighting system.

We met the product developer/studio manager of Hedler at this years ‘Focus on Imaging’ and couldn’t resist including this headshot of him from the headler catalogue!

On another note we will be attending Focus 2012 so we’ll aim to keep you up to date on the show as it approaches and while we’re up there.