Housenumbers – studio and location product photography
Dec 01, 2014

Product photography of marine grade reflective house numbers.

It’s always interesting to see a product in different environments, especially when it interacts with the surroundings!

Last month we shot a batch of housenumbers for a longstanding client, based in Dorset, UK.

Their lastest products are made from marine grade steel- with a nice reflective mirror finish.

We all decided to shoot in the studio and out on location to show the very best of the products!

In the studio we shot the products on a bright and simple white background to show the exact typeface of the numbers and letters, and made every effort to use flash highlights to show the reflective nature of the material.

Additionally we wanted a reflection of a marine/ocean environment in the steel and the waterfront here in Bournemouth was obviously the best location. At the beach we worked hard to show the numbers in an unusual and creative way by placing the numbers in the sand, on the groynes and next to the water.

We really were able to bring out the best of the material, and we particularly like the water drops on the location photographs!

What do you think about the shots?

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