Interior Photography in Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset – Kitchens, Hotels, & Commercial Spaces
Jun 21, 2012

Interior Photography: Hotels, Guest Houses, Commercial Property, Kitchens – these are all examples of interior spaces.

Often we take these spaces for granted, or we simply walk through them each day without looking around. Some spaces are, let’s be honest, boring and dull, but some are much more interesting. Some spaces are beautiful, with considered design, form, and decoration. 

It’s easy to see why well designed interior spaces attract people, we enjoy feeling comfortable, and we certainly enjoy being made to feel special. This attraction of course has a commercial value, attraction is similar to desire and if we desire something we are more likely to want to engage with it. For example a well designed kitchen interior has the ability to make us think about what we have that isn’t as good, or that could be better. It can make us see equipment, products and an environment we want to have, or be part of.

It’s not always about soulless consumerism, in fact there are some great interior spaces out there that have had thought, passion and skill put into their construction. The decor, the lighting, the functionality – these all help an environment to have something a bit different.

[Simon Thomas Pirie Furniture:]

Here at Double Exposure we enjoy working with businesses, agencies and individuals who care about their particular product or service. Their passion often comes across when describing a photography project they’d like to have us involved with.

It’s great to sit across the table and listen to enthusiastic people, it gets us inspired and helps to give us the insight into the interiors that eventually manifest in fantastic photographic representation of that particular place.

[Experience Solutions:]

Having worked in many interior spaces throughout Bournemouth, Poole, and Dorset, we’d like to share some of the photographs commissioned for different commercial projects over the last few years, in this blog.

The vast majority of our work has a commercial purpose, often it has been specifically commissioned for newly designed brochures, or magazines. In other cases our work has been for a website, or web-page galleries that are intended to display insightful and artist photographs of a room, building, or functional space.

[Riva Salon Bournemouth:]

Sometimes images need to work together, as a set. A large interior space can be complimented with some beautiful details – photographs that support others and help to convey the feeling and mood within a particular environment. Other situations can dictate the necessity for one key image, getting the ‘one shot’ that says it all – these can be hard to achieve and often require some or all of the following: planning, good lighting, attention to detail, props, colours and optical angles. 

Having the right kit is a good start, but an experienced eye in post production plays an important part too – knowing when to make an edit, or leave an image alone is crucial. Balancing a mixed lighting environment and aligning the verticals in photographs can make the difference between a good shot, and an excellent shot.

[Private Commission]

Whatever the project, an important part of our business is understanding where the end photograph needs to go. Making sure we understand the purpose of each image helps us to think about our clients consumer. Hotel photographs can be especially demanding – finding the right balance between showing off a room but not exaggerating the facilities can be a fine line.

[The Hermitage Hotel Bournemouth:]

On the other hand, a newly installed kitchen can look very clinical and lifeless, so appropriate props and objects (chopping boards, glasses of wine and even people) can prevent the photographs from looking like a showroom.

We’d love to know what you think of our images, we welcome comments and social sharing.

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