Julia’s Top 3 Images
Jan 14, 2015

I’ve been in Bournemouth for 10 weeks now, working with Will and Mark at Double Exposure.

Throughout Christmas and New Year, I’ve had some spare time to reflect on the past few months.

I’ve had a really interesting time and learned a lot. We worked on some great projects, creating awesome images- so it wasn’t easy to choose my favourite ones, but finally I did!

Have a look at my top 3 ‘Double Exposure Photographic’ images:


Let me explain, why I’ve chosen this image. I wasn’t part of the shoot, but I really love this photo for Elliot Brown! While I was in Germany, searching for a photographer in the UK I could work with, I checked out lots of websites, such as dephotographic.com. The first picture I’ve seen on their site was this one. And – to be honest- I was deeply impressed!

It really made me want to get in contact with these guys, and obviously it worked out very well! During the last few weeks I had the chance to have a look at the original file and the different layers to get an idea of what they’ve done and how they work- now I’m even more impressed, still love this image!


Just before Christmas we had the pleasure of shooting the new off-road car for the Ariel Motor Company in our studio here in Bournemouth. I was really looking forward to this job, shooting a car was something completely new for me! In the morning we took time to carefully light the ‘Nomad’ to show the exact shape, the colours and all the amazing details. We shot many awesome images that day, but this one really is my favourite! Just showing the dead front of the ‘Nomad” – ready to go, ready to have some fun!


Back to my roots! Actually I’m a portrait photographer, so I really enjoyed this job! We worked for Cobham Aviation at Bournemouth Airport, they asked us to produce a variety of people shots, airplane photographs and details. It was a really interesting commission, I never worked at an Airport before! Seriously, have you ever been walking on a runway? Well, during the day we got the chance to talk to some of the engineers and they explained their work to us. If you want to shoot a nice, natural portrait it always helps to talk to the people for a while, to make them feel comfortable and relaxed, so you get the opportunity to capture their personality in the shot. This one really is my favourite portrait shot of this day showing a nice guy enjoying his work! To light him up we used a portable flash as a main light to the front. Another one was placed behind him as a rim light to create the nice, contrasty highlight.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

Please let me know – hello@dephotographic.com