LED Lighting – Product Photography in Bournemouth
Mar 12, 2013

Not every product photograph needs to be “cut out on white” – a misconception, that, can lead to weaker images in certain cases.

White is clean, it’s contemporary and it’s neutral – which is why it’s a popular choice for most products to be photographed against. However, a pure white background needs careful consideration, as often the bright light can bleed around the object, which can leave the item looking cheap.

Lighting is a delicate art, a skill. We’ve deliberately left a significant amount of tone in these photographs of light bulbs. One reason is it helps to show the form of the glass, which, although still apparent with flagged slim black edges, wouldn’t be quite as effective if strong backlighting flooded through from behind.

The other reason is it gives the photographs substance, a certain tactile quality that helps to keep the selective depth of field relevant – a cut out with shallow depth of field would not so easily yield a clipping path.

In a nutshell this all means our images can be more powerful, descriptive and artistic – all of which are disappearing as ‘camera owners’ enter the professional photographic market.

The bulbs themselves are part of a comprehensive retrofit e-commerce range from the LED LIGHT GURU, Richard Perry, whose website should go live any month now.

Some of these bulbs are simply fascinating; why not browse below to check out some of the funky designs and concepts…