Choose the right lifestyle photographer for immersive on-site images of luxury properties, industrial products, and unique location lifestyles. Shoot on location with Double Exposure today!


On-site lifestyle, architectural and product photography. When only the real location will do.

With careful planning and the right kit, inspiring commercial photography and video can happen anywhere!

Our talented team have been shooting on location for years. So we know that getting it right takes a combination of reliable equipment, an intelligent approach, and careful planning. We can help oversee the projects key objectives, and advise on what kit we’ll want to bring, where, at what time, and how that can integrate safely with the location.

Feel free to talk to us about your brand guidelines, too. We’re always interested in the products, the talent and the properties that form the foundations of trips away from our Bournemouth based studio.

We’ll arrive on time, and treat the environment we work in as an extension of our studio. That means all the care and craft over our lighting, and the product or person, that you’d expect from our crew, is delivered on location. And as full members of the Association of Photographers, we’ve achieved accreditation that backs up our offering.

Lifestyle images on location can paint a powerful picture that complements your brand. A great location offers so much, you can incorporate people, products, food, services and property.. our lifestyle photography will get the balance right. 

Our team will help you evoke the unique textures, colours, and feelings of any live setting, ensuring your offering always shines, and this isn’t just on set – collaborate with our studio reaching team to make sure your still, or footage, is shaping up exactly how you want.

No idea is too ambitious; we encourage working closely with our in house team. The right grading, enhanced backgrounds, and editing of products can only boost your content further. 

With years of experience, we can combine the classic knowledge of a lifestyle photographer, with the latest in image manipulation, after effects, and AI. 

We know exactly what’s needed, and ensure your chosen environment tells the whole story.