The Logic of Innovation | c4mbd, Business Link, Budmouth College

Sep 30, 2011


We were asked to join ‘The Logic of Innovation’ by c4mbd (The Centre for Management & Business Development), a business development company based in Bournemouth.

Phil Thomas (Partner at c4mbd) said he needed a visual record of the evening, and suggested we attend the entire event as organizers/photogaphers to capture the special interaction between exhibitors, guest speakers, students and local business owners, including; Sunseeker, NISP, Predator ROV, and Universal Engineering.

We didn’t expect to be in such a wonderful building, the ‘HUB’ at Budmouth College is a fantastic architectural space, and perfect setting for an event designed to inspire young minds!

To get the most from this four-hour event, we decided on two key approaches; getting some traditional PR stills of the guest speakers and contributors, and setting up a time-lapse video of the whole event from start to finish. We thought the time-lapse shoot could work well with a large guest list, capturing the presence and mood of the event through the movement and interaction of people. It’s also a great use of modern technology, social media, and online marketing – something not amiss with the events theme.

TIME LAPSE VIDEO OF THE EVENT You can view the time-lapse video here:

We enjoyed Phil’s presentation, and are keen to adopt the ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy in some way into Double Exposure – we like the concept that the primary concerns of a business should be focused on innovation, creating quality for the consumer, and adding value not cost. Being different is what it’s all about, not needing to fight your competitors is an ideal place to be!

If you’d like to find out more about c4mbd’s ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy, then why not visit their website and get in touch.

You can visit their website here: 
You can visit the event website to gain more information here: 

There were lots of brilliant companies at The Logic of Innovation to mention here, so why not visit some of their websites via the links below – it might be they can help your business grow, or that you can help them.