Luxury Property Photography in Sandbanks, UK – Interior and Architectural projects from 2014
Jan 05, 2015

In the summer of 2014 we completed a large commission for two properties in Sandbanks, Dorset, UK. One property was a completed home called ‘Vetro’ – a luxury apartment with harbour views, and the other was a development in progress not far from the Royal Motor Yacht Club, called ‘Moondance’.

The photography we produced for both locations centered around our key values as photographers; attention to detail, very high quality, and the ability to show the architecture and interiors beautifully.

We were commissioned by Fathom, who are based in Bournemouth and have a focus on crafted bespoke design, and Towncourt Homes.

With luxury property, location is everything, and we often look for the best angle to squeeze every last drop from the views, exterior elevations and surroundings. This often involves very unglamorous and ungainly looking poses on stepladders, scaffolding and in this case, we were literally in the ocean!

To go beyond the bricks and mortar, we often compliment a property by making work that gives a flavor of the local lifestyle. This can lead to making work over several days and at different times of the day, allowing us to get pictures a straight forward ‘estate agent’ styled approach would miss. This can include landscape and lifestyle images that portray the local scene. One of our favorites below is an image we made of children playing on the local beach.


The great thing about sea views is the opportunity to use our Lee filters, which gives a special feel to the work with motion blur and mood easily injected into the images. A good example of this is the photograph taken from near the ferry crossing, which looks back at dusk toward Brownsea island.

We take great care inside the properties. They are always finished to a very high standard and our impact must be minimal. We enjoy focusing on aspects of buildings that are likely to yield what we call the ‘hero’ shots – focal points can be obvious or unassuming and sometimes the best results are a collaborative effort between ourselves and the architect/agency.

Take a look through the images below and let us know what you think – if we can help please get in touch on 01202 280157 or email us:

The first images are interior and exterior photographs from ‘Vetro’ – We shot at different times of day to help convey the atmosphere of the property.