Lypsyl Hero Product Shoot
Nov 16, 2017

Back in August we were asked to do a photoshoot for Lypsyl for a new product release they had coming up. They gave us 3 different concepts that we needed to shoot for. We needed to create a lifestyle type shot that featured the new product, some ingredient images that illustrated the different flavours of the lip balm, and an animated GIF.

We had a lot of fun with the lifestyle shot sourcing all the props we were going to use such as a good looking dresser and anything that would potentially be seen on one of these like makeup, perfume, jewellery etc. The overall look needed to be sophisticated so choosing the right kind of props was necessary for the image to be a success.

There were four different coloured lip balms that we needed to photograph so colour scheme was also important, and something that our stylist (Chalky) really considered when propping. Chalky was able to make sure that the colours of the props all accentuated and complimented the lip balm itself, since that was the focus of the finished image.

Here are a couple of our favourites from the lifestyle images.

With the ingredient shots we knew what needed to be included within the shot as the balms were all named after their main flavours. We shot top down on coloured card that complimented the colour of the lip balms and propped with something that demonstrated the main scent, for example vanilla pods for vanilla. We also used some of the lesser ingredients like Aloe Vera, to bulk up the propping and make the image look more dynamic and interesting.

These are a couple of the shots from this series.

The final part of this brief was creating a GIF. We decided to make an animation where the lip balms danced around outside on a piece of marble, opening and closing, before disappearing into a handbag. To do this we kept the camera in the same position and moved each item a small amount between taking photos. This allowed us to create a stop animation. We really liked how this came out because it was nice and bright and cheerful, and really demonstrated that the balms were easy to carry around.

Here is the animation that we made.


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