Mark’s top 3 images of 2013
Jan 20, 2014

The Christmas and New Year period is great time to sit back, relax and reflect on the previous year. 2013 was quite the year for us; we worked with some great people, had some fantastic opportunities and made some work we are truly proud of. To sum this up we have each picked 3 of our top photographs from 2013 to show you here. It has been incredibly difficult to pick just 3 images from last year, but here is my selection, Mark.


This shot was part of our project to create a new image library for Coles Miller Solicitors. A fantastic project where we worked as part of a team, and we were really allowed to flex our creative muscles. We did a lot of outdoor lifestyle work during this period; we made some spectacular work at 5am on Sandbanks beach and even earlier at the top of Hengistbury head! This shot was taken at Milldown in Blandford, I’ve chosen it for two reasons; firstly the Granddad figure in the shot is my real Granddad (or Gramps to me!). He had exactly zero modeling experience but took our direction as it came and really enjoyed the day.

Secondly, for me this shot is us practicing what we preach; we scouted the location, had a great concept going in, picked a day/time when the weather was kind to us, kept the client in the loop during a well art directed project and delivered some great photography. We also choose our kit well on the day, using reflectors to bounce sunlight back onto our subjects, our Camranger, so we could see the shoot developing, and our beautiful 50mm Zeiss lens for its depth of field that really focuses your attention on the relationship in the image.


This shot was from early 2013 and was made in our old studio. We regularly work on projects with Flaghead Photographic and this shot was to demonstrate how their Triggersmart product works – read more about the Triggersmart here. We wanted to create something exciting with a lot of colour. Colour is something we shy away from at times so this was an opportunity to change that.

The idea of using a tap was to ground the image in commercial photography, we had looked at a brochure with a lot of water drenched fittings and fixtures, the two thought paths were joined and we had the beginnings of our shoot. There are a lot of things to consider when making an image like this: lighting and shutter speeds, how to suspend your set up, how to project the paint etc – going in you have to be aware that you are going to make a mess! On top of this we had a small film crew in filming the events in slow motion to make a cool promo video that you can watch here.

Another image from this series was selected to grace the front cover of the 2013 ‘Speed Graphic’ catalogue, find out more about it here, and order a catalogue to own a piece of DE history!


In contrast to that photograph, below is one of our last images from 2013 and was taken in our current studio. We’ve shouted pretty hard about this project, in part because we are really happy with the end result but also because we like craft beer! We do like to push ourselves here at Double Exposure and this shoot did become a bit of a mammoth.

After looking at the new Piddle Brewery branding we decided on a few elements of the shoot, then went out looking for a surface to shoot these tasty beverages on. We found ourselves in a reclamation yard buying a beaten up old wooden table and chairs with beautiful weathered green paintwork! When it can to setting up the lighting we were meticulous, we tortured ourselves over minor details like the lighting on the background, the highlights on the bottles etc. then there was the composition and the different arrangements of beer (I’m sure we talked for at least 20 minutes about how much beer should be in the glass!).

Finally we were happy and shooting various layouts of bottles when a little moment of magic happened. I had this idea to reach for the bottle in frame, so I tried it…. and it worked. It negated some of our painstaking lighting to an extent, but for me it doesn’t matter, I think it’s a different/exciting image – I hope you look at it and want to drink the beer!

What do you think? Have you seen some shots on our portfolios, blogs or social media forums that you like more? Or do you like what you see here? Let us know –