Mooli Camera Bags – Studio and Location Photography
Dec 19, 2014

Here we’ll show you a great project we shot this summer.

Our client, Mooli London, asked us to photograph their newly designed camera bags for women. They created a “range of fashionable tech bags that are affordable and robust.”, which have enough space for your camera equipment, tablet, phone and some other personal items.

In fact we shot two days on location- one in central London, one in Dorset on Studland beach- and one day in our studio in Bournemouth to create some nice and clean pack-shot images.

The shoots were really great fun, we had amazing weather for our outdoor shots and obviously very good models!

However we worked hard to achieve a variety of different looks, both with models dress and style and with the location. Additionally we’ve used a combination of portable flash, warm and cool reflectors, and studio Bowens flash heads, to get the best possible shots out of each situation.

Have a look at the images below and let us know what you think about them!

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