Neal’s Yard mens facial day
Oct 04, 2018

Earlier this year we worked on a portraiture shoot for one our regular clients, Neal’s Yard. During this shoot we were required to photograph two male models who would be using a variety of skin products from the Neal’s Yard mens range. This shoot was slightly different as we were asked to shoot video along side the stills. Using the large studio at the Picture House we were able to have two matching setups allowing us to run stills and video side by side. Using continuous lighting on both sets ensured that our usual strobe flash didn’t present an issue to the video team!

We were very happy with the lighting results on the face; which was a combination of Arri and Hedler continuous HMI light. The lighting setup was primarily book lighting, with additional light through a trace frame and rim light that was added in and slightly cooled down with a blue gel.

Below are some of the behind the scenes images which show the two setups and some of the results from the day.