Our New Studio – ‘The Picture House’, Bournemouth
Jun 07, 2013

Thanks for checking out this blog – it’s all about our new studio move!

At the beginning of May we moved our business to a new studio – a great space that not only looks fantastic, but also affords us the size and resources to produce some truly amazing photography!

It’s taken the best part of a month to get settled in – sorry if we’ve kept you waiting for news!

We wanted to show off our new home and we hope you enjoy the image we’ve made above – it’s a high, wide angled creative image that looks out over the desks to the main corner of our studio.

Through the sliding shutter is Photoworks, the home of photographer Andy Cahill.

We’re really pleased to have harbored our business right next door to Andy, a smart decision that makes great use of the studios here at The Picture House.

We’ve created an exciting hub for advertising photography in the south.

If you’re not too sure where we are, take a quick look at the map above, or click the tab at the top of the page to visit contact page.

We’re now based on Holdenhurst road, only a short distance from Bournemouth Travel Interchange and easily found from the Springborne Wessex Way exit.

What’s more exciting however, is the funky new Google Maps locater, that Dan at Pixelfish quietly slipped into our website address update.

What a great little marker… we love it!

Here’s another shot of The Picture House, an old cinema and our new home!

Thanks for reading.