Photographs Printed in DORSET Magazine
Apr 02, 2012

We’ve just had our photographs printed in Dorset Magazine (April 2012) as part of a commission by local artist Natalie Guy, who’s participating in the Faberge Big Egg Hunt in London.

You may have noticed that the Faberge Big Egg Hunt is in full swing in London right now for Easter, and if you’ve been paying close attention you may even have spotted our very own Dorset artist Natalie Guy’s mosaic eggs.

Natalie was involved with the organisation of the Pride of Bournemouth Lions that are scattered around the local area, so it comes as no surprise that she’s involved with more ongoing public art projects. The Faberge Big Egg Hunt is a big event, and is describe on their website as a hopeful Guinness Record Breaking Event!

“The Big Egg Hunt presented by Fabergé will see over 200 beautifully painted and decorate egg sculptures placed all over central London from 21st February until the Easter weekend. All the two and a half foot eggs will be hidden around 12 Egg Zones, encouraging all of London to participate in what is set to break the Guinness World Record for the most people participating in an Egg Hunt! The Big Egg Hunt hopes to raise over £2million for the charities Elephant Family and Action for Children.”

You can visit the organisers website here:

Earlier this year Natalie invited us to her studio in Bournemouth to talk about the photography of her mosaic eggs, I certainly hadn’t realised just how big they were! When I saw them for the first time I realised they presented quite a challenge to us – they are quite large and Natalie had covered them with mirrors and ceramic tiles!

Never to refuse a challenge, we took the eggs (carefully) to our studio in Bournemouth and spent a while finding the best lighting to show of their form and beauty. Polarising the light helped significantly, and with carefully positioned flash heads we achieved a set of shots we’re very happy with.

Keeping the highlights in check was our biggest priority, Lightroom 3 is a great asset to just pull back those highlights – as long as you’re shooting RAW you stand a chance of keeping the detail there.

We used a turntable to photograph the eggs revolving and combined them in Photoshop to make animated GIF’s. The idea behind this is that people can see the entire mosaic on all sides of the piece.

You can watch the youtube video of her work here: