Photography Shoot for Piddle Brewery – Drinks Advertising Photography
Dec 11, 2013

Drinks Photography Shoot for Piddle Brewery – Drink/Liquid Advertising Photography by Double Exposure Photographic – Bournemouth

We’ve recently completed a project for Dorset’s Piddle Brewery, and are very happy with the results. Piddle Brewery produces a variety of bottled ales’, bitters, and a larger – and it’s all mighty tasty!

Their branding is very contemporary and is designed to appeal to a more modern audience… less of the old man sat in a pub corner, and more of a real ale revolution.

No surprise, then, that we were allowed quite an open brief – which we used as an opportunity to simply make some great images of beer in our Bournemouth based photography studio!

We let a few things guide us toward the end result, a set of parameters that helped shape the final work – these included the contemporary/fun branding of the product, and the high-end aesthetic of drinks industry imagery.

The surface on which we placed the products was a beautiful table from a local reclamation yard, which offered us texture and subtle colour. We used the chairs to create the shapes of light in the background, which have a slight industrial bluish look to them. The photographs we’re built up layer by layer until we had the lighting, angle, and composition just right.

Additional interest in the image was created from the hops given to us by Piddle Brewery. We used these carefully in the corner of the frame, next to the bottom of the bottles to communicate a little bit of the authenticity and heritage of traditional beer making.

We’ve let their bold and bright labels keep the images contemporary, with simple but beautiful backlighting that shows off the lovely colour of the beautiful hand crafted beers!

Take a look at the work below, and let us know what you think.

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