Posturite Ltd seatings – Product photography on location
Dec 01, 2014

Double Exposure Photographic Advertising Photography.

In September we attended the University of Southampton to photograph some new products for Posturite Ltd, a seating company based in East Sussex.

This commission was all about showing the chairs in the classroom, a great opotunity for Posturite to record how their products integrate with the environment!

For the company it’s all about “a good, ergonomically efficient chair, which encourages natural movement to maintain concentration while working to avoid aches and pain” – so it was obviously important for us to show the chairs structural designs and qualities.

During the day we shot a variety of different angles and details to show the chair’s features in a nice, natural way. We took time to carefully light the different surfaces which help show the form and the quality of the materials within the chairs construction.

We used a variety of lighting which allowed us to work out specific highlights, helping to pick out the metal legs and add some light into the rooms.

We are very happy with the shots we’ve made – have a look at the pictures below and let us know what you think about it!

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