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Sep 06, 2012

We’ve been really busy over the last quarter of 2012, undertaking a great variety of new commissions and different projects.

Amongst all the new work, we’ve seen lots of products come into the studio. Sometimes we get so busy we forget to share the images on our website – so here’s (below) a recent batch of photographs that we’ve put together for this blog.

Being a product photographer in Dorset can mean travelling to a variety of locations, both rural and urban, and although we’re based in Bournemouth, our clients are based throughout Southern England.

Not all products are brought to our studio; sometimes we create a studio at the client’s premises. Other projects dictate a location lifestyle themed product shoot.

The key to photographing a product is to fully understand the desired communicative purpose of the final image produced – for example a lot of time and money can be invested into one image, this could be a ‘lead’ image which is to define a range or style that people will buy from. Other projects dictate tight margins on products from one-off lines to full catalogue publishing.

Getting the right approach and type of image is crucial. We’re known for our ideas at Double Exposure; our creativity lies behind some of the most inspired work we’ve achieved to date.

If you need a professional product photographer in Dorset, or beyond then why not get in touch now, on: 01202 280157.

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