Professional Portrait Photography
Mar 06, 2015

Two weeks ago we worked together with photographer Ciaran O’Muiri to develop his portfolio and to create some new, stylish portraits. He visited us in our studio in Bournemouth and together with the professional model Charlotte we spend one day shooting a variety of interesting images.

We worked on some different topics during the day, changed the light setup a couple of times and took time to get some creative and attractive shots.

We started with Low Key Photography in the morning. The important thing about this kind of photography is to find the right amount of light and shadows, to show the very best of your model. You can create some very interesting and mysterious portraits by using only one light and make it work as hard as possible. If you’re able to handle your first light perfect add some more and try to find the right position, elevation, angle etc. for each of them – you can create a really cool and fancy look! Try it!

Have a look at some of our favourite shots below. Do they make you curious about this field of photography?


After that we changed to the next topic: High Key! High Key is a typical light setup for beauty photography. It’s all about bright lights and less shadows. We worked with four lights, the main light on a boom arm high above the model, another one quite low on a floor stand in front of Charlotte. The other two were used to light the background to have a better control. As you can see in the following pictures we didn’t light everything. We allowed some shadows to model Charlottes face a bit to add some more contrast, which – we found – worked very well with her colourful red dress! Anyway, the light is still very soft and wide spread, which helps to create kind of a glamour glow on the skin and makes it look very smooth and pleasant.

At the end of the day we decided to change the image style once more. Harder lights, more shadows and a new styled Charlotte leaning right against the plain studio wall. These images have a more urban look- still bright, but by far not as soft as the ones before!