Property & Architectural Photography
Jul 26, 2016

Specialist property and architectural photography takes planning, professional equipment and experience. At Double Exposure Photographic we take great pride in working closely with developers and architects to take photographs that truly focus on the details and aesthetics of the properties we are commissioned to shoot.

We use high end lighting inside and outside, architectural tilt shift lenses and always plan our days around the best weather and available light. It’s important for us to understand the key features of the building and spaces we visit, so that it shows in the images we make – which we hope is why our clients keep coming back!

The images below are from a recent property photography shoot in Sandbanks, Dorset, for RB Studio Architects.

We’re pleased with the images, and always enjoy the opportunity to work in the evenings to make dusk photographs. This adds value to the set of images we produce, as the building always has a different appearance at night and can show off exterior lighting details.

The wooden cladding used on these projects has been carefully chosen, and was a central element in our work – we’ve tried to ensure it looks great and is accurately and naturally photographed.  The relationship between exterior finishing materials and interior space is often a primary target for us, as it helps to convey how the building is naturally lit, which is typically a very important aspect in all property.

Balancing the dynamic range capabilities of our camera systems is key in making this type of image, and is often most rewarding when finished later on in post production. The important part of this process is to work tethered on location, because by doing so we can very accurately expose the interiors and exteriors in preparation for layered blending in Adobe Photoshop. Where the daylight is less prominent we often accentuate the window light by using our own lighting outside, either to boost the available lighting, or completely introduce atmosphere on duller days.

If you need a property photographer in the UK, then please do get in touch. We’re always happy to travel and frequently work across the South, London and the Midlands.

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