Property Photography UK – 2015 so far
Aug 26, 2015

Property photography has always been a big part of our practice and 2015 has so far been no different. If fact this year we have photographed some of the most lavish interiors we’ve ever been in, and while we try and update our portfolio regularly we still can’t always get all of the shots on there that we want to. This blog is here to show off some hidden gems in the Double Exposure repertoire!

We often get asked how we go about interior shoots so here’s a little insight… To start with we try and shoot on a day that’s favourable in terms of the weather! It doesn’t have to be the nicest day ever (we live in England remember!) but if it’s raining we prefer to move it. This is for a few reasons, light coming through the windows helps us a lot, sometimes we want to add additional lighting form outside and if it looks wet outside there’s not always too much you can do about it! We always keep an eye on the weather running up to the shoot either via the BBC website or Met Office app, and also use SunCalc to plan our start and finish times based on sun rise/sun set and where the sun will be during the day. Often we split our day to make the most of the natural light.

Once we get to the property we don’t touch the camera until we’ve had a good look around, after which we’ll make a loose plan regarding the running order of the day depending on where (we think) the sun will be. Then we begin!

In terms of equipment and workflow we try and keep our set up as close to what we do in the studio. Currently we use our Nikon D810 tethered to a MacBook Pro and shoot in to capture one software, we find this works for us, we can review the images as we would in the studio as we go and this really helps maintain our high standards. If we think it’s appropriate and we need to be more light weight we plug our camera into a CamRanger which wirelessly sends our shots to an iPad, this means we can’t edit but can review bigger images. We commonly do this on lifestyle shoots. In terms of lenses, we currently favour the Nikon 24mm Tilt/Shift, the Voigtlander 20mm and Zeiss 50mm lenses for interior and exterior photography.

We often add flash lighting to the mix too, the amount varies on the property.

At this point there’s a few of variables :-

Props – sometimes the properties are furnished, sometimes the client provides extras, sometimes we’ll bring things with us like magazines, glassware, flowers, fruit, etc. Sometimes the client doesn’t want anything in shot.

People – The human element an be effective in bringing images to life and making a space look more homely or exciting.

Photography is a creative process and most of the above will be decided long before the shoot day. We believe that less is more, why do 6 snapshots of a room when you can work hard to make 1 or 2 beautiful images.

Once the shoot is done we go back through all of the best shots (which are tagged when we shoot) and tighten them up in Capture One. They are then exported as tiffs and go through photoshop. The amount of retouching varies greatly but once we are happy we process all to jpegs, upload them to Dropbox and send you a link to download them, easy!

Hopefully this has been useful, If you have any questions about our property photography please get in touch. 01202 280157

Importantly though enjoy the images below!