The Ray Flash and Ray Flash Rotator

Sep 09, 2011


Earlier in the year we had the opportunity to work with Flaghead Photographic in Birmingham at Focus on Imaging. Flaghead are a Poole based distributor for international photography equipment, headed by Hardy Hasse.

We were asked to demonstrate the Ray Flash and the Ray Flash Rotator at the show – these are two good products brought to market by RAY FLASH, a Czech based company. The flash is a ring flash adaptor to fit onto spead-lights, utilizing the light to distribute a ring of light creating a fashion-style image without the cost of a dedicated on-lens system.??It is lightweight and doesn’t strain the flash-guns build, it gives a lovely even distribution of light and does a great job of eliminating shadows created when the flash is not over the lens. We’ve got one in our kit bag and would recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their portable lighting options.

The Ray Flash Rotator is a rotating flash bracket, designed to fit with your DSLR. The mount is via the standard tripod fixing screw, with an extendable bracket arm reaching out to a 360 degree rotating bracket for your flash gun to mount too.??This product is perhaps a little chunkier than existing Custom Bracket solutions, but offers extremely quick flash maneuvering! Getting the flash back over the lens for portraits is easy and with the retention of the lights TTL function you can’t fault it. At present we have tried both Canon and Nikon – both work perfectly.

This product would be a good addition to a portable kit bag for wedding and event photography.

If you’d like more information please contact Hardy Hasse at Flaghead Photographic on 01202 733123 or visit his website at

We’ve photographed the Rotator for Flaghead, and it’s been featured in Practical Photography Magazine, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, and What Digital Camera online.??You can view these pictures below.

We’re keen to see what others think of the equipment, please feel free to post.


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