Rayflash – Focus on Imaging 2013
Jan 15, 2013

It’s January 2013 and we’re now in the run up to Focus on Imaging 2013.

Once again this year we will be in attendance demonstrating and selling kit with Hardy Haase from Flaghead Photographic , where we will be on hand to show off products including; Honl flash accessories, Hedler continuous lighting, the Triggersmart and of course the Rayflash.

It’s about now that promotional material is being put together for Focus, and we are doing our part for the Triggersmart once again, but we’ve also reacquainted ourselves with the Rayflash, below is a couple of shots of us using the device for some new promo material, and, below that, a full description of what it does!

£10 for the first person who can tell us how we got these shots?!

The images will appear on the Flaghead website and other promo materials for the Rayflash, see below.

If you don’t know or are just intrigued, here is what the ray flash does. The first picture below is shoot using an on camera flashgun. It’s very hard directional light and casts a harsh shadow up the wall.

The next picture is the same shot with the Rayflash attached to the flashgun. The light goes down the acrylic bars inside, collects in the chamber surrounding the lens and is then pushed forward. This creats a very even soft light. in the image below you’ll notice the shadow has dissapeared, but also the light on the face is much more flattering as it kills the distracting highlights.

The shot below is a quick example of the rayflash being used for macro photography. On the left the directional flashgun has caused a harsh shadow and the highlights it has managed to create are ‘blowing out’, on the right the shadow is disperssed and the coin is lit much more evenly.

For more information on the ‘Rayflash’ please visit the Flaghead Photographic website.