Portrait Photography is all about revealing the character of the person in front of the lens. The purpose of the picture will be to promote a product, service or a personal brand, but if you’re going to include someones face then you want to see some personality! That’s not to say the portrait has to be wacky or over the top, just engaged or natural.

Everyone is different and a good portrait will highlight that, whether it’s shot in a studio with flash lighting or sat by a window with daylight streaming in. 


Every brief is different and we will always tailor our approach to portrait photography based on what you need to get out of the shots. In our studio we can set up high or low key lighting, we can  shoot simple headshots or create expansive scenes on our infinity cove. We can freeze movement, capture emotion or get you to crack just the right smile… hopefully! 

When on location we’ll always bring additional lighting, sometimes we’ll light the scene but quite often we’ll simply add some portable flash light just to add definition to our subjects face and help there skin glow, drawing the viewers eyes in. We’ll always choose the night tools for the job, and our first port of call with product photography will always be one of our beautiful long prime lenses. Sometimes though it’s good to mix it up and if your concept asks for a particular perspective we’re always up for shooting some test shots and working with you to get the right look. 

In post production we know that old school airbrushing techniques just don’t cut it anymore, our aim is to always keep things as natural as possible. A gentle touch and sympathetic eye is key; we will take out blemishes but not at the expense of texture and reality.


We’re an expert team with our own professional studio. You’ll get years of technical and artistic expertise in house. And attention to every single detail that will make your campaign a success.

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Even if our factory is located in France, we do not hesitate to call these guys to come over every time we need photos of our machines. They are very professional and everybody just says ‘WOW’ when they see the results.

Pierre Chatain, Europlacer

We have worked with Double Exposure Photographic, on various photo shoots and always come away thrilled with the results. The team always hit the creative brief first time and come up with some fantastic ideas of how to better the shot each time! They are an absolute delight to work with and bounce off each other superbly. I have no hesitation in recommending Double Exposure for any photographic project needed!

Simon Rodway, We Are 778

I worked with Double Exposure for skincare product images and videos and the guys were extremely responsive to my wishes, both during AND after the shoot was over. High attention to detail, very polite and patient!

Elvie-May Berry, L’Oreal

All I can say is I am glad Double Exposure are on my side as I wouldn’t want them taking pictures for my competitors.

Martin Packard, 1-2-1 Chef

Will and Mark know intuitively what HCP’s products require, with high end premium brand cosmetics packaging being shown to their best advantage. Great care and attention is given to every shot and post production is fastidious.

Sue Pickford, HCP Packaging

Double Exposure took on the job of photographing the new Ariel Ace motorbike at short notice before the world launch of the bike at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Due to time constraints and availability of prototype vehicles the job had to completed under tight deadlines and to the very highest quality. The effort that Mark and William put into the job was commendable and the results speak for themselves.

Simon Saunders, Ariel Motor Company

Mark and Will never fail to give 100% effort, clear communication, creative lighting solutions, swift post production and above all quality photography. Always a delight to work with.

Ed Wilson, Mambo Media