Set Build Photography – Focal Point Fires
Feb 16, 2015

Back in October we had Focal Point Fires in the studio for a set build project. The purpose of the job was to show of their new gas and electric cast iron stoves that are being sold through focal point and B&Q. Our job was to create a warm and inviting environment to place these products in to make you want to buy them!

Now this is where it gets a little complex – the stove comes in 2 different designs, in either black or white and is either gas or electric! On top of this we had 3 variations of our set designed – a flat wall, a flat wall with a fire surround and grand version with a chimneybreast and paneling on the walls! We had to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle came together at the right time and in the right way.
Within each set we shot different versions of the stove straight on and at an angle, as well as closer ‘detail’ shots to give the designers and marketing team at Focal point lots to ‘play with’.

We had local set builder/designer Julian White (Chalky) build the set and style it. In partnership with Ben at Focal point we input ideas towards colours and tones of the walls, materials for the floor and style of props.

Below are a few shots of the set being painted in the early stages of production, a small section of the prop table and everything beginning to come together on the day.

This shot is from our preparation during the build. When the sets were being put together we would fine the angles (or there abouts) for the straight on and angled shots so that once the set was ready so were we.

Below are a few finished images from the set build, Including a couple in a letterbox box crop for our website portfolios.

Flat wall.

Flat wall with surround.

Chimneybreast and panelling.

If you’d like to talk to us about a set build project give us a call and ask to speak to Mark or Will or drop us a line on