Speed Graphic 2013 Cover Shot
Jun 10, 2013

Back in January this year, Double Exposure completed a small creative project for local distributer Flaghead Photographic. It was one of those fun studio sessions that made a bit more mess than it should have! However it did produce some really great images, all sorts of brilliant photographs of paint flying through the air.

The purpose was to illustrate the timing ability of a device called the Triggersmart – for which we’ve provided bits and pieces of marketing photography over the last couple of years.

If you want to check out more on how we made the images, click through to the blog article here.

So, we were pleasantly surprised when out of nowhere Hardy from Flaghead informs us our image has been put to good use on the cover of the new Speed Graphic brochure! It’s always really good to see our image out there, but it’s even better when someone uses them for front covers on large print runs.

If you’ve not got a copy through the post, you can download the digital version from their website.