The right product photographer can show your brand at its best. Our talented team know that product, food & drink, sets, and still life images are invaluable for your next campaign. Shoot with us to bring your project to life.


Turn your concept into content you’ll be proud of.

For an experienced team, limitless creative potential, and product photography you’ll be proud of, join us in the studio. 

We’re experts in advertising still life photography; our flash and continuous lighting knowledge is excellent, and we specialise in cosmetics, skin care, drinks, watches and technology. 

With complete control over our environment, the studio is the perfect place to achieve perfect shot.

To get the very best from your concepts, our product photographers can work with you on pre production, discussing the brief and checking over the styling and studio requirements. Our close relationships with art directors, stylists and set builders will ensure we are always prepared with the skillsets required.

Our Bournemouth studio has the all the resources needed to see even the most imaginative of your ideas come to life. We have drive in access, a large infinity cove, a fully working kitchen, a huge shooting wall to build room sets off, a large props store, multiple flats and backgrounds and all the grip and lighting you could wish for.

You’ve invested time and budget in your campaign concept. We’ll give it the commitment and attention to detail it deserves, and aligning our AOP accredited team with your concepts beforehand is often what leads to smooth and professional shoot days.

Speak directly to our in-house retouchers, who have years of experience bringing your visions to life. Their understanding of colour, tone and composition is well learnt, and their ability to adapt and enhance the images after shooting only adds to finished result. 

With AI and generated backgrounds already complimenting the softwares and processes in our Bournemouth based studio, you’ll get a fully equipped photography studio that’s big enough and flexible enough to meet any brief – and our skilled team will look for creative ways to turn your concept into content you’ll be proud of.